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It is well known that business and marketing go hand in hand. Any business firm aims at reaching out to more and more consumers thereby expanding their market. In order to stand out from the crowd of competitors, a business must connect with the right audience, at the right place and more importantly, at the right time. 

To do this effectively, we need to meet the audiences where they are already spending time, and that happens to be on the internet. In this technologically advanced era, the internet is one of the effective marketing tools and thus, social media marketing service in kolkata by seocontrol has become a necessity for every business. In order to ensure establishment and to stick out in the huge noise happening online, businesses need to put up a good marketing team and invest in great marketing campaigns. This will enable them to not only receive plenty of online traffic, but also to convert them into potential sales. 


Listed below are 5 reasons that will help us know why we should invest money in social media marketing campaigns:

  • COST EFFECTIVE- For ages, advertisement and marketing have been a big expense for business companies, be it putting up advertisements on Television and radio or banners and hoardings. Business firms incurred immense costs with no certainty of the outcome. E-marketing campaigns are the best tools with lesser budget and more results. Thus, we can make more with less.


  • EXTENSIVE COVERAGE- Traditional means of marketing efforts are not only limited by cost but also by exposure. For example, putting up banners and hoardings throughout the country will be lot more costly and less visible to the consumers whereas use of social media and web content will reach out to domestic as well as global audiences. 


  • FASTER FEEDBACKS AND SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT- Another reason to invest in social media marketing campaigns is that it enables the marketers to get instant feedback from their consumers. A company can assess and improve by measuring people’s reaction and behavior on their websites. At the end, customer satisfaction is the most important element for any business.


  • PERSONALISED AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE- social media marketing campaigns enable better understanding of the moods and desires of the potential clients by creating a personalized and interactive experience. Keeping a track on the consumer behavior we can target our customers through emails and social advertisements. More interactive aids will help us sell more of what the customer wants from us rather than what we can offer them.


  • BETTER RESULTS AND INCREASED SALES- social media marketing campaigns doesn’t by itself sell the product but popularizes it on social media and websites. It creates an image of the product and not only boosts the sale of existing product but also helps in innovation by keeping track of the latest trends and changes. 


Every ambitious entrepreneur tries to ensure his/her establishment to stand out in the marketplace. This is the reason why social media marketing needs to be a critical element of any organization.      



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