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There are many different types of darts boards, each with their own unique features. The most common style of dartboard being used today is the standard “board” and this is the only type of board that will be covered in the rest of the tips. A standard board should usually be constructed from metal and is referred to as a “bristle board”. The basic shape of the board can be delineated through the wire and color. There are three types of wires which are used, namely, red, blue and black. The shape of the dartboard is determined by these wires.

How To Select Your Dart Board

The next style of dartboard is made of wood. These types of dartboards are mostly made of maple, oak and ash. Darts made from wood are durable and do not get dirty easily. They also require very little maintenance and do not react to extreme temperature fluctuations. The wood material used in making these dartboards is soft. They are also very affordable. They are easy to clean as well.

As mentioned above, there are also different styles of boards depending on whether they are wooden or plastic. Plastic dartboards are made from a solid plastic core which is attached to the edges of the wooden board. The edges of the wooden board are designed in such a way that they are curved and then cut. This gives the dartboard a different appearance from the standard wooden dartboard.

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